ATC fight coordinators are among the top experts in fight design, action choreography, and weapons combat for the entertainment industry. With years of experience bringing some of Hollywood’s best fight scenes to life, ATC provides action tailored to the needs of any project, complete with choreography fitting the story and characters, on-set coordination of the action, and specialized training for actors in any fighting style, historical, modern, or fantasy necessary for the production.

The ATC Action Coordinators are available for film, TV, Internet, video games, motion capture, and stage combat projects. They can create choreography for all types of weaponry, combat, and violence styles.

Fight Coordination credits by Hollywood Fight Designers, Dan Speaker & Jan Bryant include Master and Commander, Hook, Army of Darkness, Hildalgo, and more…

Fight Coordination credits by NYC Fight Designer, Jayme Woj include Voodoo Macbeth, War of The Roses, Hamlet at The Globe Theatre, and more…

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ATC fight coordinators have experience with all levels of production, from low budget to major motion pictures.

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Need fighters? ATC fight coordinators can also provide professionally trained performers for your project.

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