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West Coast Dance Theatre
11486 Hart St.
North Hollywood, CA 91605

Some of the most exciting fight scenes in our best known films!


The Next Intro Fight Class is
Tuesday, October 4th, 2016
in North Hollywood.

The Geekies 2014

Dan Speaker and Jan Bryant (Master and Commander, Hook, Army of Darkness, Hildalgo and more) are among the top experts in fight design, action choreography, and weapons combat for the motion picture industry. With years of experience bringing some of Hollywood’s best fight scenes to life, they can provide action tailored to the needs of any project, complete with choreography fitting the story and characters, on-set coordination of the action, and specialized training for actors in any fighting style, historical or modern, necessary for the production.The Academy Swordmasters are available for film, TV, Internet, video games, or stage combat projects. While specialists in sword fighting, they will create choreography for all types of weaponry. Please call to discuss your specific needs. In addition to providing project-specific training and coordinating action, the Academy Swordmasters also offer an ongoing professional training class for stunt performers and actors. If you are interested learning more about stage combat by joining the professional training program, you should take the Academy’s Introductory Fight Class, offered monthly (check the What’s New page for the next one).


Allison and Jake – Double Cutlass Fight Test

Academy Sizzle Reel

Dan assists Olivia on her Basic Small Sword Test Fight

Kim assists Kathy on her Basic Quarterstaff Test Fight


Charlotte and Jayme perform their Basic Broadsword Fight


The 3 Part Cue
Academy of Theatrical Combat, Basics Level 1 Handbook

Fight Night – Academy Members perform their fight exams for camera on set.