Dan Speaker and Jan Bryant design action for TV, film, and stage creating unique work for each project. They specialize not only in training stunt people and actors including Russell Crowe, Bruce Campbell, Charlie Sheen, Viggo Mortensen, and Paul Bettany to perform fights, but also in working with directors including Steven Spielberg, Peter Weir and Sam Raimi to make the action an integral part of the story. They can work from the beginning stages of concept through filming and all the way to the final edit, or provide any of the stages in between—including historical research, style consultation, cast-specific training and weapon design.

The Academy Swordmasters designed fights for the films The Goblin Queen, Army of Darkness, Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World, Hidalgo, Hook, and a host of others. Their work can also be seen in numerous television productions, web series, video games and live stage projects. They created the Academy of Theatrical Combat to provide an ongoing training ground for anyone interested in combat and swordplay as an art form.

Dan Speaker

Dan Speaker has been fascinated with swords and weaponry all his life. Growing up he studied martial arts, fencing, and horseback riding. He became involved in theatre and began to study how to use combat in performance. While pursuing this he obtained a Diploma in Dramatic Art and a Fencing Coach’s credential from the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama.

Working in theatre as an actor and fight choreographer, he met his future wife, dance choreographer turned swordswoman Jan Bryant. Together they moved to Hollywood and created a new method of teaching and choreographing the art of combat for film.

Dan is one of the top action and sword fight choreographers in film today. Go to Dan’s complete professional resume, http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0817264/, or contact him at (818) 364-8420 or by e-mail at dan@theatricalcombat.com.

Jan Bryant

Jan Bryant has always been interested in combat as an art form. She began her career as an actress, dancer and choreographer of dance and movement. After graduating from UC Berkeley with a degree in Theatre, she was working as a dance and movement choreographer when she met her future husband, Dan Speaker. They moved to Hollywood and melded their respective talents and training into a new method of teaching and choreographing fight scenes for the motion picture industry.

Today Jan is one of the few female swordmasters in the entire film industry, and continues to teach, choreograph, act and perform the arts of combat and sword fighting. Go to Jan’s complete professional resume, http://www.imdb.me/janbryant, or contact her by email at jan@theatricalcombat.com.

Kim Turney

Kim Turney considers herself to be a journeywoman in the film industry. She has two degrees in acting from The Ohio State University and has worked in film marketing with Disney’s Buena Vista Pictures. She has stunt doubled, stunt coordinated, and been assistant swordmaster on film projects such as Hallmark’s The Lady Musketeer, A Dead Calling, The Grimm Reaper and many more. She has studied digital cameras extensively and worked on the first fully digital workflow film project in Los Angeles. Kim produced the web series Perils of the Pirate Princess. She has had the experience of creating fight choreography for a new video game and looks forward to making motion capture a solid part of her career. Currently she writes, produces and directs the Academy of Theatrical Combat web series – FIGHT CLASS The Series.

Throughout all of these many adventures Kim has been a part of the Academy of Theatrical Combat, reaching the level of Swordmaster in 2005 after 9 years of training/instructing in stage combat that culminated in creating and notating all of the fights for the short film Intervention.
Go to Kim’s complete professional resume.
You can contact Kim by e-mail at kim@theatricalcombat.com.