Fight Seminars

The swordmasters of the Academy present seminars for actors, directors, cinematographers, and film students. Through the Combat for Camera Workshop and the Filming Fights Seminar, Jan Bryant, Dan Speaker and Kim Turney hope to share information regarding stunts, fights, and the best way to perform or film them.

Combat for Camera Workshop

In these workshops, students are taught fight techniques required to perform a specific scene.

Please contact us at or by calling 818-364-8420 for more details.

For this presentation, Dan Speaker, Jan Bryant and Kim Turney discuss basic topics that directors should know about filming fights. We will discuss the following topics:

How Action relates to the Story of your Film
How Camera Technique can Enhance your Action Sequences
Communication with your Stunt Coordinator, Fight Coordinator, and Actors
Safety Issues for Rehearsal and On Set

And more…

We will also work with you to shoot some action sequences so that you can learn the best techniques for making the action of your film dynamic and exciting, but at the same time very safe.

Please contact us at or by calling 818-364-8420 for more details on this seminar.