Kim Turney



MFA in Acting from The Ohio State University
BFA in Theatre from The Ohio State University

Teaching Experience:

Academy of Theatrical Combat – 1996-Present
The Academy of Theatrical Combat offers year round stage combat training to students 18 years of age and older. This includes actors, stunt people, computer programmers, and musicians, anyone interested in learning the art of theatrical combat. It is a laboratory style program that focuses on training the actor’s body to move with the weapons starting from very basic movements with the cutlass and broadsword to the intricate and complex blade work of the French small sword. The movement techniques become second nature so the performer can focus on telling their character’s story.

I have been an instructor at with Academy in European historical weaponry (quarterstaff, broadsword, rapier & dagger, small sword, etc.) since 1996. In 2005 I received the title of Sword Master for 9 years of continuous teaching and creating and notating all the fight choreography for the short film, Intervention.

The goal of the Academy is to give our students/performers all the tools they need to feel confident in, and be able to adapt to any action situation on stage, film, television, motion capture, or the internet. I am currently in the process of notating all aspects of our training method for publication.

Archer School for Girls – 2004-Present
Annual Hand-to-Hand Stage Combat Workshop of 7-10 sessions for high school girls. We focus on partnering and safety, which allows the girls to create the violent illusions with full confidence. The first day I ask the girls to think about the story they want to tell in their final fight. Themes haves included Christmas Shopping Mayhem, a Justin Bieber Concert and Miss America Pageants. After we learn all the fight techniques and safety components, I work with the girls to flesh out the story and motivate every act of violence in the scene. Sessions culminate with the scene performed by the students for camera.

Freshi Films, LLC – 2006-Present
After schoolteacher for K-12 graders, instructing them in Digital Filmmaking, Stop Motion Animation and Video Game Design. I worked with the Freshi team of teacher/artists and producers to develop these programs and how they were taught based on the actual classroom successes. Also, Director of Educational Administration (see: Other Work Experience).

The Ohio State University – 2008
Visiting Artist/Instructor for Theatrical Combat classes at the basic level for both graduate and undergraduate students. During our classes, I spoke to the students about how to be safe when they are in performance situations. We discussed the different scenarios and how to respond to them in a positive manner. The summer following that class I received e-mails from two of my students. The first was from a student who was cast in a short film and had to do her own action. She told me some of the dangerous situations we had talked about had actually happened on her project and she was so grateful that she had been prepared. The second email was from a student who thanked me for training him so well in stage combat that he was cast in a stage production based partially on his sword fighting abilities. It was a very rewarding experience.

California Institute of the Arts – 2006-07
Assistant Instructor for Theatrical Combat classes at the basic level for both graduate and undergraduate students. Assisted Instructors Dan Speaker and Jan Bryant in all classes. I was in charge of weapons inventory and maintenance, and class administration requirements, including attendance and grade submission. Sword Master for 2 student thesis film projects.

Theatre Experience (Representative Selections):

 California Theatre of the Arts, San Bernardino, CA 2012
Chronicles of Narnia 
Assistant Fight Choreographer – Joseph Henson

Carnival Productions, North Hollywood, CA 2006
Gladiator, the Musical – Assistant Fight Choreographer – Brian Eastman

The Classical Theatre Lab, Los Angeles, CA 2005
Henry IV X 4 – Fight Choreographer

Midwest Theatre Company, Los Angeles, CA 1994-95
You Can’t Trust the Male – Director
Women of Manhattan  – Director
Midwest Theatre Actor’s Showcase 1995 – Director

Occidental Summer Theatre, Los Angeles, CA 1994
Anything Goes – Purity – Alan Freeman
The Fantastics  – Assistant Director – Alan Freeman

The Great American Melodrama, Oceano, CA – 1992-93
Performer /Master of Ceremonies/ Resident Director/ Assistant Artistic Director
The Matchmaker – Irene Malloy, a Milliner – Neal LaVine
From Rags to Riches – Flora – Director
Cinderella Operetta – Brunhildabutt – Director
Frankenstein – Elizabeth – Neal LaVine
A Christmas Carol – Ghost of Christmas Past – Director

The Belfry Theatre, Lake Geneva, WI 2002
Nunsense –Sister Robert Ann – Doug Finlayson

Player’s Theatre Columbus Children’s Theatre, Columbus, OH – 1988
School Tour  – 2 children’s shows – Various Characters – Steven Anderson
Charlotte’s Web – Various Animals – Steven Anderson
Snoopy!  – Peppermint Patty – Steven Anderson

Player’s Theatre Columbus, Columbus, OH – 1988
Nunsense –Sister Robert Ann – Ed Graczyk

The Great American Melodrama, Oceano, CA – 1986-1988
Company Member
Arsenic and Old Lace – Elaine  – Neal LaVine
Jack the Ripper – Victim #4 – Neal LaVine
Orphans of the Storm – Henriette – Neal LaVine
Bess in Distress – Bess – VC Heidenreich

Film Experience:

Dracula’s Guest. Dir. Michael Feifer, MRG Entertainment, 2008
Assistant Sword Master
Camera Data Manager

Grim Reaper. Dir. Michael Feifer, MRG Entertainment, 2007
Stunt Coordinator
Camera Data Manager

Manje’. Dir. Josh Muscatine, LP3 Pictures, 2007
Nancy Kriss, Producer
Camera Data Manager

The Butcher. Dir. Michael Feifer, MRG Entertainment, 2006
Stunt Coordinator
Camera Data Manager

Childless. Dir. Charlie Levi, Granite Films, 2008
Camera Data Manager

The Graveyard. Dir. Michael Feifer, MRG Entertainment, 2006
Stunt Coordinator
Camera Data Manager

A Dead Calling. Dir. Michael Feifer, Feifer Worldwide Productions, 2006
2nd Unit Director
Camera Data Manager – This movie was the first fully digital workflow film produced on the west coast.

Intervention. Dir. Kim Turney, Privatsky Film Works, 2005
Producer, Writer, Sword Master
Official Selection at the International Family Film Festival

Bloodbath. Co-Directors Kim Turney (as Anne Kimberly) and Dan Speaker, Vista Street Entertainment, 1998
Co-Director/ Assistant Editor


Freshi Films: How to Make Movies – Educational Series, 6 Episodes, 2007
Producer, Director, Writer – various episodes

America’s Next Producer – Reality Series, TV Guide, Magical Elves Productions, 2007
2 Episodes
Camera Tech & Data Management Consultant

The Lady Musketeer. Dir. Steve Boyum, Hallmark Productions Mini-Series, 2002
Assistant Sword Master – Filmed for 3 months on location in Istria, Croatia.
Stunt Double for Nastassja Kinski and Susie Amie.
Trained/ choreographed Susie Amie, Michael York, John Rhys Davies, Christopher Cazanove, Allan Corduner, and Marcus Jean Pirae.

The New Adventures of Robin Hood, Baltic Ventures International, 1999
1 Episode: The Black Rose – Guest Star – Dir. Christophe Sarachas
Filmed for 1 week on location in Vilnius, Lithuania.


New Media (Internet Production):

Makers of Mischief Productions
PIKE AND TRIDENT (Web series) – in pre-production
Producer, Co-Director, Actor, Editor

Academy of Theatrical Combat
FIGHT CLASS The Series (Web series 6 Episodes) 2011-12
Director, Producer, Writer, Editor
http://theatricalcombat.com/fight-class-the-web series/

Nedopak Productions
Skyrim Parodies  (Web series 6 Episodes) 2012
Green Screen Studio Production
Forsworn (teaser 2) – Co-Director
Stealth Attack – Co-Director
Carry These Burdens – Co-Director
Maurice – Co-Director
The Battle – Co-Director
Indiana Jones –Co-Director

KTurney Films
Love of a Stranger – Book Trailer 2012
Producer, Director, Writer, Editor

Historical Antics, LLC
The Perils of the Pirate Princess (Web series 10 Episodes) 2008
Producer, Director

Messages in a Bottle (Web series 10 Episodes) 2009
SAG signatory production
Producer, Director

Privatsky Film Works
The Adventures of the Battling Bag Lady (Web series 4 Episodes)
Ep. 1 Sticky SituationSword Master, 2004
Ep. 2 Morning Mayhem – Director, Producer, 2006
Ep. 3 Candy Chaos – The Other Bag Lady, 2010
Ep. 4 Horseplay – The Other Bag Lady, 2012


Video Games:

Leviathan Interactive, LLC

Motion Capture Action Designer for a new video game Project Lodus  – 2012

This project is currently in development. Once the programmers have a portion of the game finished they bring it to the Action Design team and we assess how the characters are moving. Is the story being told? Are the character movements believable? We brainstorm with the program team on how improvements can be made. Can we just reprogram or do we adjust the movement of the actors during the motion capture phase?

Disney Interactive 2013 – Game Tester

Other Work Experience:

Freshi Films, LLC Burbank, California

2006-2011 – Director of Educational Administration
Managed, employed, trained, and dismissed when necessary, 35-50 Artists/Teachers for after-school educational programs in Digital Media (Filmmaking, Stop Motion Animation, and Video Game Design) in California, Hawaii, Texas and Massachusetts.

Composed Standards Based Curriculum in Digital Media for grades K-12 and supervised implementation of the curriculum nationwide. Piloted all Freshi programs for schools, camps, and resorts.

Scheduled, staffed and managed 200+ turnkey education after school programs and 150+ 15-hour summer camps in Digital Media annually.

Developed and implemented Online Training Modules, including video and written assessment components, to facilitate distance staff training.

Gave presentations on Freshi Programs to Educators at Trade Shows nationwide.

Produced and directed a six episode educational video series Freshi Films:  How to Make Movies.


The Walt Disney Company Burbank, California

1994-2002  – Print Production Manager, Disney Corporate Procurement
May 2000-September 2002 Managed Outdoor Print Production Ad Campaigns for Buena Vista Marketing and Distribution (Disney and Touchstone Films). Campaigns included Monsters, Inc., Pearl Harbor, The Princess Diaries.

October 1998-May 2000 – Print Production Manager handling marketing collateral production for Disney Televentures, Disney Interactive, Disney Theatrical Productions, Disney Educational Productions and other Disney divisions. Traveled nationwide to print facilities for press checks.

January 1995 – October 1998 – Assistant Print Production Manager – Assisted Print Production Managers in producing marketing collateral for various Disney Divisions. Studied 4-color print lithography.

Advanced from office temp, to receptionist, to Office Manager Disney Corporate Print Services– April 1994 – January 1995


Revolution. Presentation at Comic Con 2012, San Diego, CA.
A brief history of movie fights with performance demo on the Warner Brothers  Extra Stage. With Dan Speaker, Jan Bryant and Academy of Theatrical Combat student/performers.

Fights for Film. Presentation for the USC Cinematic Arts Graduate Students, September, 2011.
Topics included:
How Action Relates to the Story of Your Film
Translating Your Script Into Movement
Communication with Your Stunt Coordinator, Fight Coordinator and Actors
Safety Issues for Rehearsal and on Set
Prep, Storyboards and Shotlists
Weapons Safety: Guns, Bladed Weapons, Hand to Hand

Fights for Film. Presentation for the Alliance of Women Directors, October, 2011.
Topics same as above but more tailored to professional directors than students.

Interactive 3 Dimensional Education Through Digital Filmmaking. Presentation for the American Camp Association Conference, Atlantic City, New Jersey, 2010.

New Digital Technologies Workshop. Presented at the International Family Film Festival, Hollywood, California,  2007 and again in 2008.

Interactive 3 Dimensional Education Through Digital Filmmaking. Presentation for the  National Indian Education Association Convention, Honolulu, Hawai’i, 2007.

Participated on Technology Panel for New Digital Technologies. Presented at the LA Film  Festival 2006 and for the Editors Guild of America 2006.


Turney, Kim, Jan Bryant, and Dan Speaker. Academy of Theatrical Combat Basics Level 1.  Sylmar: Academy of Theatrical Combat, 2012. E-book. E-book, Print.
Also on Amazon at: http://tinyurl.com/bhpkux4

Turney, Kim, and Dr. Suzanne Shoemaker. Freshi App Development Experience.  Los Angeles: Freshi Films, LLC, 2014. E-book.

Turney, Kim, and Dr. Suzanne Shoemaker. Freshi Digital Animation Curriculum, Level 1.  Los Angeles: Freshi Films, LLC, 2012. E-book.

Turney, Kim, and Dr. Suzanne Shoemaker. Freshi Filmmaker’s Roadmap: Digital  Filmmaking Curriculum. Los Angeles: Freshi Films, LLC, 2011. E-book.

Turney, Kim, and Dr. Suzanne Shoemaker. Freshi Filmmaker’s Roadmap: Stop Motion  Animation Curriculum. Los Angeles: Freshi Films, LLC, 2011. E-book.

Turney, Kim, and Dr. Suzanne Shoemaker. Freshi Filmmaker’s Roadmap: Enrichment Curriculum: Elementary Level 1 & Level 2. Los Angeles: Freshi Films, LLC, 2009. Print.

Turney, Kim, and Dr. Suzanne Shoemaker. Freshi Filmmaker’s Roadmap: Enrichment  Curriculum: Intermediate Level 1 & Level 2. Los Angeles: Freshi Films, LLC,  2009. Print.

Turney, Kim. 4 Freshi Screenplays. Los Angeles: Freshi Films, LLC, 2009. Print.

Turney, Kim. The Scary Movie Production Experience. Los Angeles: Freshi Films, LLC, 2009. Print.

Turney, Kim. The Mystery Movie Production Experience. Los Angeles: Freshi Films, LLC, 2009. Print.

Turney, Kim. The Pirate Movie Production Experience. Los Angeles: Freshi Films, LLC, 2009. Print.

Turney, Kim, Jan Bryant, and Dan Speaker. Academy of Theatrical Combat Hand to Hand Techniques. Sylmar: Academy of Theatrical Combat, 2014 (currently in production).


www.imdb.com/name/nm1623347/ – International Movie Data Base Kim Turney profile


Skills and Qualifications:

Familiar with both PC and MAC platforms
Proficient with Adobe Suite 5 – Design and Publishing Application
Proficient with WordPress – Please see www.Theatricalcombat.com.
Final Cut Pro 7.0– Editing Application
Sound Track Pro – Music Composition Application
Final Draft  – Scriptwriting Application
Microsoft Office – Word, Excel, Power Point
Claymation Studio 3 – Stop Motion Animation Application
Anime Studio 8 – Digital Animation Application
Multi-Media Fusion 2 – 2D Game Creation Application
Game Salad Creator – 2D Game Creation Application


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