The Geekie Awards 2014

Directed by Jorge Suarez
Sword Master Jan Bryant

Olivia Schlueter-Corey fights as a scout with double daggers. Patty Jean Robinson fights in the background.  Hans Pasricha, the warrior, fights with double broadswords.
 Andy Cunningham and Jonathan McClune ready to rehearse their fight.  Anne Westcott and Hans Pasricha fighting on the stairs!
 Jonathan Michael McClune launches himself in reaction to this powerful strike!  Anne loses her head to Hans at the end of this fight.
 All the hero characters turn to confront the main villain.  The Heros!
 Clowning around on set. Olivia enjoys being a Scout and the rest are “Miserable Guards.” Olivia really enjoys the pointy Scout ears and enormous crossbow!
 Olivia looking fierce in the heat of battle.  Olivia also enjoys looking fierce.