Academy Fight Class

Double Cutlass – Charlotte and Jayme

Unarmed Training

Rapier and Dagger – Kim and Jake

Olivia Schlueter-Corey and Dan Speaker

Basic Broadsword – Jacqueline and Michael

Advanced Cutlass – Jake and Olivia


The Academy’s Professional Training Program, or FIGHT CLASS, is taught by the Academy swordmasters and functions on a month-to-month basis. Class meets twice a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays – 7:30PM-10:00PM, and the class fee is $130 per month.

Enrolled students can pay the monthly fee with PayPal through the website. If you choose to pay through the PayPal buttons the 3% transaction fee has been added to the total cost of the the classes. To pay via PayPal, click the link below:


All weapons are provided. Students begin at the basic level, covering safety and the primary techniques of hand to hand combat (slaps and punches), cutlass, broadsword and quarterstaff. Intermediate and advanced students continue mastering and learning more advanced applications for all these weapons as well as moving on to double cutlass, single rapier, rapier and dagger, and smallsword. All students train in learning choreography and quickly bringing fights to the performance level. Students perform for camera regularly and receive feedback from the Swordmasters.

Studio Location:

West Coast Dance Theatre
11486 Hart St.
North Hollywood, CA 91605

Please go to Fight Class Curriculum Levels for more information regarding our training process.


All fights are performed by Academy Members.

This program is meant for actors and stunt performers who are serious about perfecting their ability to perform fight scenes for the film industry through regular training. No experience is required to enter the professional program, but participation is by invitation only. Anyone wishing to join the regular classes must first take an Academy Introductory Fight Class see the What’s New page for the next one offered.

Please note that the Academy does not accept any form of certification as evidence of professional ability.




Private Lessons

The Academy Swordmasters are always happy to arrange private lessons in any discipline the Academy offers. Please call 818-364-8420, or Contact Us to arrange for private lessons. Rates vary.