Fight Class The Series

With Sword Masters JAN BRYANT and DAN SPEAKER

Fight Class Episode 6: PROJECT LODUS

UPDATE: The PROJECT LODUS Kickstarter Project hit its goal on August 11th, 2012. This game is going full blast into development!! Thank you to everyone who supported us on this adventure. There is so much more to come!
Kristen Nedopak takes us behind the scenes of Leviathan Interactive and PROJECT LODUS with Sword Masters Jan Bryant, Dan Speaker and Kim Turney.

Fight Class Episode 5: The Princess Bride a Tribute to Bob Anderson

Kristen Nedopak hosts Sword Masters Jan Bryant and Dan Speaker in a Fight Class tribute to Sword Master Bob Anderson. They recreate a fight scene from The Princess Bride. Special thanks to Nandar Entertainment for all their help on this. And very special thanks to musician Richard Searles for the use of his music.

Fight Class Episode 4: Hook part 2 with Dante Bosco

The incredible Dante Basco joins the Fight Class team in this episode to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of that classic film, HOOK! Dante, Jan and Dan reminisce about making the movie and recreate the Hook vs. Rufio fight from the film. Join in on the fun with our host, Kristen Nedopak! Special Thanks to HOOK’S screenwriter, James V. Hart, for making this episode possible!

Fight Class Episode 3: Hook part 1

Kristen Nedopak learns the final Pan vs. Hook duel from the movie Hook from sword masters Jan Bryant and Dan Speaker! This is Part I of a 2 part series!

Fight Class Episode 2: Game of Thrones

Host Kristen Nedopak learns a fight from HBO’s ‘Game of Thrones’ from Sword Masters Jan Bryant and Dan Speaker.

Fight Class Episode 1: Army of Darkness

Host Kristen Nedopak learns a fight from Army of Darkness from Sword Masters Jan Bryant and Dan Speaker!

Fight Class Mini-Sode 1: Tony Swatton Master Armorer

Master Armorer, Tony Swatton, does an awesome forging demonstration! He creates a replica of the incredible movie prop he first created 20 years ago – Captain Hook’s hook!