Fight Class Curriculum Levels

Everyone that trains at the Academy begins with Basics Level 1. In this level each performer learns proper stance and footwork, and the parries for each weapon. Then drills are used to fine tune the body position and movement for each weapon style. Finally, the learned techniques and skills are applied to basic choreography.

There is no set time requirement for the completion of any of the levels. Performers move at their own pace through each weapon requirement.

Basics Level 1:


Drill #1
Drill #2
Binds and Swipes Drill


Drill #1
Drill #2 with Mixed Footwork
Binds and Swipes Drill


Drill #1
Drill #2
Drill #3
Binds and Swipes Drill

Hand to Hand:

Basic Slap and Backhand Slap
Crossing Punch
Grab and Push
Push Kick
Falls: Twisting Fall, Knee Hinge Front Fall, Side Fall, Back Fall

Basics Level 1 Exam Fights:

Basic Cutlass Fight
Basic Broadsword Fight

Basic Quarterstaff Fight



Basics Level 2:


Drop and Roll Drill
Cheat Drill
Parry Riposte Drill


Drop and Roll Drill
Cheat Drill
Parry Riposte Drill

Double Cutlass

Parry Riposte Drill

Sword Spins

Basic Spin
Downward 6
Upward 6
Downward 4
Upward 4

Hand to Hand

Slap Kick: Groin Kick, Roundhouse Slap Kick
Head Butts
Shoulder Rolls

Basics Level 2 Exam Fights:

Double Cutlass Fight
Advanced Cutlass Fight
Advanced Broadsword Fight



Historical Styles Level 1

Rapier and Dagger

Parry Riposte Drill In Distance
Parry Riposte Drill Medium Distance
Parry Riposte Drill Long Distance
Intrecciata Drill
Fianconada Drill

The Barbarian Broadsword Ballet

Cutlass Corps:

 Drop and Roll
Cavalry Cuts
Falcon Flip
Grand Finale


Single End Drill

Advanced Hand To Hand

Punches: Crossing Punch, Stomach Punch, Round House Punch, Upper Cut
Kicks: Front, Roundhouse, Knees
Throws: Irish Whip (aka Charlie’s Angels throw), Monkey Throw
Combinations: A) Block, 1, 2 B) Bob and Weave, 1, 2, 3

Historical Styles Level 1 Exam Fights:

Rapier and Dagger Basic Fight
Hand to Hand Fight Exam
Barbarian Broadsword Ballet in Ensemble
Cutlass Corps in Ensemble
Advanced Quarterstaff Fight



Historical Styles Level 2

Single Rapier

Parry Riposte Drill

French Classical Smallsword

Smallsword Basic Drills:

Parry Riposte Drill
Simple Attacks
Compound Attacks
Beat Attack, Change Beat, Beat Degagez, Change Beat Degagez
Drill for Attacks with Deception
Basic Smallsword Routine

Historical Styles Level 2 Exam Fights:

Single Rapier Fight
Basic Smallsword Routine



Historical Styles Level 3

Theatrical Sabre (Golden Age Of Hollywood)

Drop and Roll Drill
Cheat Drill
Parry Riposte Drill
Click Clack Drill
Tac Au Tac Drill
Ring the Bell Drill

Sabre Salute:

1) Drop and Roll
2) Cavalry Cuts
3) Falcon Flip
4) Grand Finale

Sword and Buckler

Parry Riposte Drill


Historical Styles Level 3 Exam Fights:

Sabre Salute
Theatrical Sabre Fight (The Vaudeville Fight)
Sword and Buckler Fight



Historical Styles Level 4

Advanced Smallsword

Counter-Parry Drill
Drills for 1-2 and 1-2-3
Drills for Attacks on the Blade
Drills for Takings of the Blade

Historical Styles Level 4 Exam Fights:

Advanced Smallsword Fight