Dan Speaker



Phone:818-364-8420 Height: 5’9″
Cell:818-359-4602 Weight: 165 lbs
dan@theatricalcombat.com Hair: Gray
Eyes: Brown


Tengu: The Immortal Blade Fight Arranger Mark Grove
Dracula’s Guest Stunt Coordinator / Starring Role Michael Feifer
Pirate Camp Stunt Coordinator / Featured Role M. Kastenbaum
The New World Swordmaster / Stunts Terence Malik
Master and Commander:
The Far Side of the World
Swordmaster Peter Weir
Hidalgo Swordmaster / Stunts Joe Johnston
Drive Thru Stunt Coordinator Kuhn / Cowles
El Cortez Stunt Coordinator Steven Purvis
Galaxy Hunter Stunt Coordinator Mark Borchetta
Stripped Down Stunt Coordinator Elena Pyle
Atlantis, The Lost Empire Stunt Coordinator Gary Truesdale
Bloodbath Co-Director Anne Kimberly
Viking Sagas Swordmaster Michael Chapman
The Three Musketeers Swordplay Trainer / Stunt Dbl. Charlie Sheen Steven Herek
Hot Shots! Part Deux Swordmaster Jim Abrahams
Hook Swordmaster Steven Spielberg
Army of Darkness Swordmaster Sam Raimi
Wizards of the Demonsword Swordmaster / Starring Fred Olen Ray
Glitch! Swordmaster / Co-Starring Nico Mastarakis
Witchcraft III, IV, V, & VII Stunt Coordinator Various Directors
Cause of Death Stunt Coordinator Phil Jones


Almighty Thor Stunt Coordinator Chris Olen Ray
Empire Swordmaster Kim Manners
Sabrina Stunt Coordinator Ken Koch
Robin Hood Guest Star / Swordmaster (3 seasons) N.D. Directors
Over the Top Swordmaster Michael Lembeck
Lois and Clark Staff fight, Swordfight, Stunts Wally Crowder
Baywatch Nights Swordfight, Stunts Steve Hart
Voice of Disney Guest Star Mike Andrews
Treasure Island . . . Swordmaster / Supporting Scot Garen
Civil Wars Swordmaster / Performer Mark Tinker
Perfect Strangers Swordmaster / Performer Judy Pioli
Ring of the Musketeers Swordmaster / Performer John Paragon
Doogie Howser, M.D. Swordmaster / Performer Mark Horowitz
FIGHT CLASS The Series Starring as himself Kim Turney
Perils of the Pirate Princess:
Messages in a Bottle
Starring – Jean LeJean Kim Turney


Details on request

Special Skills

SWORDMASTER: Internationally recognized master of swordfighting and combat for stage and screen.
ACTOR: Graduate degree from the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, Glasgow.
MARTIAL ARTIST: Instructor of freestyle Kung Fu.
WHIP ARTIST: Trick and fancy whip cracking.
EQUESTRIAN: English and Western riding, Dressage, Jumping, weapons on horseback.
DIALECTICIAN: Scottish, Irish, English accents and regionalisms.
HIGHLAND BAGPIPER: Award winning piper; recording artist.